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Riviera Beach, FL, 33404

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About Us

For 26 years, the mission of Advanced Air of West Palm Beach Inc. is to be a world class manufacturer of custom replacement bushings, sleeves, and out of scope nuts.  We are dedicated to the reduction of our customers turn times and the costs associated with oversized overhaul shops.  We uphold stringent quality standards in all facets of our business and offer unfaltering support to the landing gear overhaul industry.

We invented the JIT landing gear overhaul bushing industry with our original innovative A through T technology, and early adoption of the best of information technology when other aerospace machine shops still worked with carbon paper and hand transcription of purchase orders.

staffOur business philosophy is unique. We strive to run out of work everyday, and begin the next day fresh with the urgent demands of our clients.

We continue to maintain the most up-to-date technologies and manufacturing equipment to fulfill our promise to the customer. "You will not find a better supplier of landing gear overhaul bushings... period"

Advanced Air has the world's most advanced cells of CNC equipment dedicated to the manufacture of custom replacement bushings, sleeves and out of scope nuts. We maintain a complete inventory of aerospace quality materials specific to the landing gear overhaul industry. Our state-of-the-art ordering system reduces errors and administrative overhead.

Recognized by the DLA and DSCR as "Innovative Business Performer of the Year".

Made in America, by Americans.